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FoR My FirSt WritiNg..(^_^)


for the first time i write on my blog...since i m housewife and not do anything, heheh i just want to share my happiness and knowledge with you, i m 23 years old, just the simple girl..(girl ke?huhu..da kawen lorr) but i still feel im young..hehehe..x tahu kenapa..mybe ramai kawan yang sesusia belum kawen ..i just pray for them to get the soleh and solehah couple..i like to write but not realy like to talk lagi2 kalau orang yang tak dari kecik mama pesan jangan cakap dengan orang yang tak kenal ..heheh..(alasan je tu)..for the 2011 i got manything..huh..!engagement, married,im pregnant, and i got my dgree..alhamdulilah..and 2012, i pray all will be done..if Allah will it..insyallah..let share and talk with me..i love it..! (*_*)